0.60 - 1.5cc Birotational

The Birotational Power Pack has been developed specifically to reduce overall system costs. It reduces wiring, leak paths and eliminates directional valves as well as being more reliable, quiet and compact. Various circuits are available and both AC and DC with AC controllers and DC start switch cord sets and wirless remotes.

Typical applications are levelers and slideouts, tailgates, over center cabs, handicap lifts, dump trucks, pop-up tent trailers, boat storage, snowplows, lift/hold/lower or power up/gravity down for consolidation of product, special trailers, couplers and attachments.


0.60 - 1.5cc

Max. Pressure:

180 Bar (2,610 psi)

Voltage Range

12-24 VDC


.5 - 1.0 ltr (0.13 - 0.26 gal) Cylindrical Plastic
1- 3.8 ltr (0.26 - 1 gal) Rectangular Plastic

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