0.80 - 5.7cc "Classic"

The Classic series power systems are designed for use in a wide variety of applications requiring rugged dependability and the ability to withstand exposure to environmental contamination.

The Classic series allows you to design a power system which meets the exact specifications of the application using standard components. The Classic series design incorporates leak proof valves to minimize the effects of oil contamination and, is designed to allow you maximum flexibility over a wide range of applications in either hot or cold environments. The Classic series is designed to accept a broad range of valving, motor, pump and reservoir combinations.


0.80 - 5.7cc

Max. Pressure:

255 Bar (3,700 psi)

Voltage Range

12-48 VDC


3.21 - 18.7 ltr (3 qt - 5.0 gal) Steel

Product Catalogue
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