0.8 - 5.7cc W300

The W300 pumps come in single configuration and have a 3-piece modular design. All mounting flange and rear covers are manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy.

For optimum strength, gears and shafts are precision machined as a one-piece part. The 11 tooth gear geometry has been optimized for both low noise level and low pressure pulsation.

All shaft bearings are continually cooled and lubricated by a controlled flow of fresh oil. This enables operation across a wide speed range at very high loads. The large-sized slide bearings support the pump's long-life condition.

A wide range of mounting flanges and port sizes are available to meet European and international standards.


0.8 - 5.7cc

Max. Pressure:

230 bar (3,335 psi)

Max. Speed

up to 6000 rpm

Operating Temperature

up to 90°C (194°F)

Product Catalogue
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