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Concentric's Birmingham named Investor in Excellence

Concentric AB's Birmingham factory has been awarded certification to the Investors in Excellence (IiE) standard, which is designed to enable organisations to excel through effective and efficient leadership, resourcing and delivery.

The award forms part of Concentric's Business Excellence programme, a group-wide initiative to improve all aspects of the business and deliver true continuous improvement, the key to the company's future success. The IiE Standard provides a sound foundation and underpins this programme, in the pursuit of excellence. In addition to IiE, the programme includes anonymous third-party surveys of customers and employees to achieve a fully objective measure for the progress achieved.

The IiE Standard is based on extensive research, incorporating approaches to excellence that enable organisations to improve in all performance areas that matter most to the organisation, its customers, people and stakeholders. The Standard's scoring mechanism also acts as a spur and adds a progressive dimension to continuous improvement.

This is the third time since 2008 that Concentric AB's Birmingham factory has achieved IiE certification. The group's factory in Pune, India is also accredited to IiE, with other sites within the Concentric AB group holding equivalent standards.

John Beadsworth, Operations Director at Concentric in Birmingham, commented: "Our collaboration with IiE provides a forum and structure for our continued focus in the pursuit of excellence, as well as impartial assessment.  It works extremely well in underpinning our Concentric Business Excellence programme and I would unhesitatingly recommend it to any other company."

"Renewed IiE accreditation is an encouraging endorsement of our strategies, plans, processes and results.  We are extremely proud of our business and the great team of people in Birmingham whose enthusiasm and commitment have contributed so much to achieving this standard."

Ian Nield, Chief Executive, Investors in Excellence commented, "Excellence is at the heart of the Concentric AB Group's activities and it is a privilege for Investors in Excellence to support the global operations of the business. This commitment is seen throughout the business in Birmingham and we are delighted to be able to recognise the business again as an Investor in Excellence."

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Left to right: Daniel Hodson (Concentric Business Excellence Manager), Ian Nield (Investors in Excellence - CEO), John Beadsworth (Concentric Operations Director)