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Concentric secures multi-year contract for fuel transfer pumps

One of the world's leading suppliers of fuel systems has awarded Concentric AB a multi-year contract to supply fuel transfer pumps for a new heavy truck in line with Euro 6 / US EPA 13 Legislation.

Production will start in the fourth quarter of 2012, with ramp-up to full volumes continuing through 2013, ready in good time for the advent of Euro 6 on 1st January 2014.  Annual revenues will be in the region of MSEK 21, based on annual volume of 55,000 fuel systems.

The advanced fuel transfer pump designed and developed by Concentric for this application integrates seamlessly with the engine's high pressure common rail fuel system.  The unit is an external gear pump with integrated pressure regulating valve, prime valve and high pressure safety valve, developed to provide exacting flow and pressure requirements over a wide operating range.

In recognition of the fact that the new truck will be used over the world in widely varying environments, Concentric has utilised its advanced testing facilities to ensure that neither cold-start nor poor quality fuels impact the performance of the fuel transfer pump.

David Woolley, President and CEO of Concentric AB commented: “This is one the latest in a number of new contracts that Concentric has won for applications linked specifically to Euro 6 / US EPA 13 legislation. Further contracts will be announced over the coming months covering new business gained at new customers.

Concentric will provide high technology oil, water and fuel transfer pumps to three new customers. On a number of these projects the revolutionary Concentric Variable Flow technology will be utilised for both oil pump and water pump applications.”

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