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The Ultimate Solution for EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

New legislation calls for improvements of the diesel engines to reduce emissions of NOx (nitrogen oxides).  Europe, USA and Japan have passed legislation on the emission levels to be introduced from 2007/2008.

One cost efficient way to reduce NOx formation in the cylinder is to use EGR.  EGR works by re-circulating cooled exhaust gas back into the engine air intake.  The result is a lower combustion temperature creating less NOx.  A pump is needed to achieve high efficiency when reducing the NOx.  This pump is integrated on the engine.

The Haldex EGR pump uses the Varivent technology to pump the recirculated exhaust gases.  By pumping on demand the efficiency is always optimized to current needs and the engine can meet the environmental demands with maintained fuel economy.

Haldex EGR features and benefits include:

  • Applicable on all turbo charged engines
  • Variable EGR rate
  • Availability of CAN bus interface to varivent ECU
  • Connectable to OBD
  • High efficiency and, therefore, no fuel consumption penalty
  • Fit and forget - no service throughout the engine's service life
  • Robust and automatic limp home functionality
  • Enables meeting future emission legislations

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