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Local Manufacturing Company Prospers

Rockford, Illinois-While other local manufacturing companies having been laying workers off or shutting down, Haldex Hydraulics Corporation, located on Rockford's south east side, has been adding employees.

"In 2004 we added roughly 70 people, and so far this year, we've added 30 and already looking for more skilled people as we talk," says Haldex President Jay Longbottom.

Haldex produces annually more than 1.5 million hydraulic gear pumps for construction equipment, such as earthmovers and diesel engines. Business has been good for this company with a 25 percent increase in sales this year. Officials say there are two main reasons for that success.

"Focus a lot on customers...finding them good solutions...concentrate a lot on operational can really improve the quality of our products and how we improve productivity," Longbottom explains.
More than 400 workers are employed at the Rockford facility, and managers say they haven't had to lay off any manufacturing workers in over 20 years.

"So a stable loyal workforce and working together with them in my opinion is a very profitable and successful way to work," says Longbottom.

The Rockford is one of four Haldex corporations located worldwide, and this year they're celebrating their 75 anniversary.

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