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Concentric high-efficiency water pump to reduce fuel consumption

Concentric has developed an innovative approach to the design of automotive water pumps, which can raise efficiency by an average of 12%, improving fuel economy by 0.3%.

The new range of high-efficiency water pumps is the result of an intensive development programme, backed by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and testing. The improvement in efficiency relates to both axial and radial inlet pumps, although in both cases optimum performance is dependent on maximizing the pump's packaging envelope and operating speeds.

Ian Dugan, CEO of Concentric PLC, commented: "The 12% improvement in efficiency equates to a 0.3% boost in fuel efficiency, bringing with it proportional emission benefits. This is a significant gain, not only because it is achieved through a conventional design, but also because it helps engine manufacturers to meet escalating performance requirements with no additional costs. Moreover, water pump efficiencies of 45% to 50% are the accepted norm throughout the industry, so the new Concentric designs represent a step change that is applicable to virtually all manufacturers."

Based in Birmingham, UK, Concentric Pumps Ltd is one of four manufacturing plants within the Concentric Group, a major supplier to the world's truck, agricultural and construction equipment industries. The company manufactures oil, water and fuel transfer pumps, as well as integrated front cover assemblies for diesel engines. In addition, it also supplies lubrication pumps for transmissions and reciprocating compressors and fans for engine and other applications.

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