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Alfdex Oil Mist Separator

The Alfdex oil mist separator is a unique product that uses the centrifugal separation technique to prevent unclean ventilated crankcase gases returning tp the inlet of diesel engines in a closed system.

Installing an Alfdex oil mist separator means that oil droplets and soot are removed from the blow-by and returned to the oil sump.  Only clean blow-by gases are then returned to the manifold.

The Alfdex design combines Alfa Laval’s unparalleled expertise with industrial centrifugal separators, and Haldex know-how being an established supplier to the global automotive industry.  The Alfdex unit is designed for diesel engines in the capacity range 5-16 litres.

Alfdex features and benefits include:

  • Can be fitted to any diesel engine.
  • No discharge of oil to the outside of the engine.  No oil stains on the ground.
  • Meets forthcoming legislation requirements related to crankcase ventilation.
  • High efficiency - typical cleaning performance > 98%
  • CCV solution that solves problems with coke deposits in the turbo-charger,
    as well as accumulated oil in the intercooler.
  • “Fit and Forget” - no service throughout the engine’s service life.
  • Reduced oil consumption - no oil ventilated to the environment.
  • No waste product (e.g. filter) that needs to be recycled.
  • No internal pressure drop.  Extracts gases from the crankcase via a small fan effect.
  • No need for an external fan.
  • Low power consumption.

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